About Sagarika

Dietitian Sagarika is a clinical nutritionist and lifestyle coach


She holds a Master’s in Science specialising in Foods & Nutrition with intensive training in All India Institute Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi in 2014, she established Eat2stayfit her online clinic in 2019 with a mission to provide real insight and educate people about healthy eating and lifestyle habits. 


Sagarika believes in evidence-based studies to achieve good results in a healthy way with sustainable meal plans without any supplement or crash diets.

Clients' Words

Online services help her to be available easily and connect to her E2SFians one to one as per the mutual convenience. She provides personalised diet & lifestyle plans to clients & patients worldwide to manage Obesity, Thyroid, PCOD/S, Diabetes, Hypertension, & other lifestyle disorders.

We yearn to solve your health concerns & ensure that you accomplish your fitness goal in a healthier way. Diet plans works best when they are custom tailored as per the lifestyle one leads and are followed in combination with fitness activities and lifestyle changes.


This doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym or take help of machines/medicines. Although, they do help but this could be done within our daily routine as well. We work with you to bring the required harmony in your lifestyle to achieve your target by:
  • Dynamic and customised weight loss solution
  • Natural & balanced diet, no supplements
  • Body conditioning tips to get calories burning
  • Lifestyle to ensure, goals achieved are maintained

Once you join you would receive a comprehensive Lifestyle plan which would include:

  • Tracking your diet and your progress
  • Daily challenges & guidance whenever required
  • Consulting on the meals you consume
We provide not just a diet but a lifestyle plan which involves careful analysis of:
  1. Any medical condition involved
  2. Know your past health records/blood group
  3. Your eating habits/lifestyle
  4. Your BMI, height, weight, gender & age
  5. Identify the causes of your weight gain or loss

  • Fill up the registration form with your details. This helps to analyse your body type
  • Then we program diet plans to suit your lifestyle. This ensures you get right guidance for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Depending on your requirements the plan will target your goals. You may need help to lose weight, boost immunity or eat the right diet (in case you are suffering with a medical condition). You would get the right plan that controls the intake of certain foods and nutrients to make sure that you get effective results in a healthy way
  • The plan will not be a fancy one, it would be as per your region, likes-dislikes & eating habits. Our endeavour is to provide you a practical plan which is easy to follow. We believe it should not be a diet but eating healthy, & inculcate good habits for a long term rather than following a strict or crash diet plan for short term
  • A good diet plan should include all the essential macro and micro nutrients as per the individual's requirements. Our program encourages healthy behaviour. This will balance your diet and help you lose weight.
  • Our certified dieticians will help you with dynamic diet plans. We guide you with the right challenges & motivation.
  • You are not alone in your fitness journey.

You are under the care of one of our experienced dietician at all times, which enables you to build a long term relationship of trust and provides a great motivation to keep making progress. You will be in your dietician's guidance and can connect with her on WhatsApp or call as required. If you are going out for a party or eating out once in a while (CHEAT DAY), you could get the much needed guidance.



  • Improve food choices & habits to build a better foundation for lifelong health and wellness.
  • Maintain your weight or lose excess pounds.
  • Select a nutritional diet keeping in mind your food allergies.
  • Discuss your Preferences such as a vegetarian diet.
  • Help reduce complications in medical conditions.
  •  Provide creative ideas to make eating fun.

Health is a bit of sacrifice, a bit of discipline and a lot of good options.

And yes, if not healthy then everything else doesn't matter!